Our group has a full CALENDAR OF EVENTS spaced throughout the year. We try to honour the traditions of our home country, without forgetting that one of those traditions is to enjoy ourselves! So, while we may be marking some solemn and important event such as ANZAC Day it's done in true Kiwi spirit. And, following yet another part of our heritage, we keep our focus on families and affordability. If it seems many of our events are linked to eating...well there's another tradition! New Zealanders have always been blessed by abundance, and an appetite to go with it.

Waitangi Day

Our national day, usually celebrated on the weekend night closest to the date on February 6, is a great chance to get together. In recent years we have moved increasingly to marking this occasion by taking a private room in a restaurant, thus making it a somewhat more expensive event than most but appropriately gracious. The speeches are as short as a new-shorn wether. A great chance for a good yarn (sorry about the sheep jokes).


As any New Zealander knows, ANZAC Day represents a truly living memorial to the armed services of both our country and Australia . Thus we are proud to share this day in Atlanta with our Australian neighbours, as our forefathers did on foreign fields of battle. Typically we join with Aussie expats here, to remember the ANZACs in a ceremony that is mirrored where-ever our countrymen gather that day in April.


Riverside Picnic

In the past, we've had access to a great area for a cookout right on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Roswell . Loads of rooms for kids games and a swim for the bold and brave. Free event!! We provided the Kiwi/British style sausages and fixings…you brought whatever else you wanted.  Check out these pix.


Where would we be if we didn't celebrate the Kiwi answer to the pit barbecue? Lamb and chook, fragrant in their own juices, are served in the afternoon after some swimming and downright lounging about at the home of one of our members.  Did we mention beer? Great event and a big hit with our American members, as well. Usually in the Autumn. Lots of Downunder food!  And did we mention beer?

Christmas Party

Our most formal event. Honorary Consul Ian Latham and his wife Sue most graciously host this December get-together, and it's always plain terrific. Lots of good food and wine, great friendship and Christmas spirit. Can't praise it too much


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